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Magnetotherapy is a form of physical therapy that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate tissue regeneration. Magnetotherapy is a physical therapy that uses low frequency and low intensity pulsed magnetic fields; it uses the action of a magnetic field induced by an electric current flowing through[...]

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Photocatalysis - Blue and Infrared

In recent years, considerable research has been carried out on the action of specific lights on skin rejuvenation, tissue biostimulation and the treatment of dermatological pathologies such as acne, pre-cancerous skin lesions and nonmelanoma skin tumours, as well as to treat muscle pain, neuralgia,[...]

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Ultrasound therapy

An ultrasound is defined as an acoustic vibration with frequencies above the audible limit (that is, higher than 20,000 Hz). Ultrasounds for therapeutic use were introduced and studied systematically in the period following the Second World War. In Italy, their use spread immediately and many of our[...]

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